“You should write a blog..”

As a prolific Facebook poster, and a self-declared Insta addict, I’ve always had a tendency to over-share the minutae of my daily grind. From parenting woes and victories, to career highlights, and everything in between, I’ve shared it all, exactly as it popped into head, but I’ve never had any intention of actually writing that stuff down. You know, like, properly.
However, in the past month or so, prompted by friends who clearly have a whole lot of loving (misguided??) faith in my ability to string a few words together, and further nudged by an assortment of random junk emails and Internet ads (“how YOU TOO can write your OWN blog!!”), I find myself sitting here, typing my first ever blog post, in an app on my phone, hoping that autocorrect doesn’t screw me over and make me look illiterate.

*disclaimer – I have no idea how this app works. Things could get hectic. Just sayin’. *

*disclaimer 2 – I’m not a writer. I’m a lot of things, for sure, but a writer isn’t one of them. I have friends and family who are actually qualified in this field, and to you guys, I’m sorry, but this could be ugly. *

So, who am I, and what am I doing here?

I’m Rysie, and that’s a start.

I’m a happy wife to a Hot Husband, a proud Mama to a Boy Child and a Girl Child, and a beaming Aunty to a sprinkling of excellent little humans. I’m a devoted pet owner to two Hounds, and an unappreciative cat, and I like to think I’m a good friend, particularly after coffee. I’m a tragic DIY home renovator (5 years, and counting *sigh*). I’m a nurse, and a midwife. I’m really passionate about my job. I’m a fairly average housekeeper, above average cook, terrible driver, and as previously mentioned, a prolific Facebook poster. I am less passionate about these things.

I love hanging out with my kids and husband. I love wearing ugg boots all day on my days off. I love sunshine and excellent cups of tea. I love when the unappreciative cat doesn’t bite me for a whole day. I love when someone else cooks dinner. I love when my kids get along with each other (rare, but glorious). I love wasting time on Pinterest renovating my pretend house with my pretend money. I really, really love flowers in vases. And I especially love my Thermomix, and my Dyson stick vacuum. These two items are definitely on my “to save in case of fire” list. Possibly moreso than the cat.

Anyway, all of things above are the things that will probably pop up in this blog, so if it’s up your alley, read along.

Now you’ll need to excuse me while I go and google “how to write a blog”.

Cheers, and thanks for reading,


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