A little bit of hardwood happiness…

Hot Husband and I have come to an agreement about renovating. 

He agrees with himself that we should stop renovating and enjoy our house as is. Conversely, I agree with myself that we simply must continue with renovating, because otherwise the POTENTIAL OF THIS HOME WILL BE FOREVER LOST. 

Clearly, we do not agree with each other, which is why this house has been a 5 year long process of spits and spurts (and spats!!) of renovation activity.

We have a long history of DIY home renovating, which has included bathroom/kitchen demolitions, painting, cabling, more painting, replacing flooring, a bit more painting, ripping down wallpaper and window furnishings, quite a lot of swearing, and quite a lot more painting. 

In the home we currently live in, we have opted out of a lot of the DIY (aside from the demolition aspects), and have actually had tradespeople complete much of the construction and cosmetic work, which has been a timesaver, but a budget-killer, which presents its own set of issues. 

Remarkably, we are still happily married.

The thing about renovating is, that once you start, it turns into something like a scab that is beginning to lift, or a fingernail with a rough edge. You kind of need to keep going until that funky bit is gone. 

The freshly painted wall in one room highlights the damaged plaster in the room next door; the new window shutters brighten up the windows, but amplify the wear in the carpet; the new bathroom fittings upstairs are so shiny compared to the ensuite, and so on, so forth. The to-do list grows, as the budget shrinks, while the tensions rise and the tempers fray more than the threadbare carpet in the bedroom. 

Good times.

It’s a blessing, and a curse, as you look around with pride at the section that has just been completed, only to be distracted by the adjacent, unfinished space. And with my compulsive addiction to Pinterest feeding my “ideas” brain with enough renovation fodder to bankrupt a small country, you can understand why alarm bells are constantly ringing in the brain of my very-fiscally-responsible Hot Husband.

Quite recently, we discovered some really beautiful hardwood stairs underneath the carpet on our staircase. We hadn’t realised the quality of what was underneath until I just sneakily lifted a bit of carpet to check out of curiosity one day.

“Shit, love! These stairs are hardwood! Look at this! These could be beautiful!!”

His face fell in resignation before I had even finished my sentence, and I could see him mentally rearranging the household budget for the next three months.

And so began the current phase of our renovation, which extended to include the discovery of beautiful timber flooring under ALL of the carpet downstairs. And ahead we trundled with a week of ripping up carpet, and pulling out nails, and floor sanding, and oiling, and sanding, and oiling, and sanding, and oiling, and neverending vacuuming, and painting, and still swearing, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

What can I say? I’m addicted, and he’s a patient, patient man.

Hot Husband, I love you, I really do.

At the time of writing, we currently have one completely renovated room in our house. All of the others have had bits started, or are in various stages of completion, and it tweaks my nerves, daily.  I’m super, super excited to say that as of the end of this week, a SECOND room will be completely finished.


I wanted to share this post as a sneak peak, because in a few days, I plan on spamming the crap out of everyone with pictures of that COMPLETED SECOND ROOM like some kind of ballistic online victory dance.

When all is done and dusted (figuratively, and literally), I’m going to sit in that room, and enjoy its finished-ness and try really hard not to look too hard into the other rooms for a while.
Renovating is mental, but shit, I love the end results.

Stay posted for my victory dance.

Big love,


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