The Victory Post.

Last week, I wrote about the renovations that were going on at my house. My sanity was questionable, my lungs full of unmentionable filth, and my house full of tradespeople. I was holding out for THIS MOMENT. 


This week I’m here to celebrate my triumph in a photo blog of befores and afters, because seriously, I am so besotted by our new dining room that I have literally spent hours just sitting on my new bench seat, appreciating the play of light off the timber table, and the faint smell of tung oil, and the ever-so-satisfying sensation that the room is finished, and beautiful, and perfectly perfect.

So, let me take you back to where we began….

Up until very recently, this room was called the Dance Room. Although originally built to be a dining room, situated just off the kitchen, for five years, it has been an empty space, aside from one display cupboard and the occasional clothes airer. The kids would practice their dance moves in the middle of the floor, and sometimes shoot nerf guns at each other from behind adjacent walls and doors.

Dark timber window frames, dated light fittings, and worn out grey carpet, all installed in the 1980s….. Very functional, very basic, very……something.

That natural light though…..

The first changes to be made included a spot of painting (only 475 coats of white required to cover up the brown)……

Then came the plantation shutters, which required some impressive feats of engineering and construction, given that the funky shape of the windows required custom made mount points to be installed before they could be fitted. Also shiny new light fittings, which shine with the light of a thousand suns if the dimmer isn’t on. (Learned the hard way, don’t look directly into the light. Vision has returned….just)…

Then after more saving, and budgeting, and wailing, and negotiating (read: me getting my way) up came the carpet… That’s me there, actually helping, not just directing. Oh, and that’s Hot Husband, flexing.

Then the beautiful timber floors were given a new lease of life with a whole lotta sanding, and applying of tung oil. I definitely did not help with this, other than to pour coffee and make toasted sandwiches, and take photos. But, you know, I was THERE, ready to vacuum.

(I will never understand why people cover beautiful floor boards with carpet. Never!)

The stairs also came up a treat, with a bit of sanding and tung oil. (Did someone say oak??? *love*). I think the floor guy really enjoyed hand-sanding these stairs. In fact, I’m sure it was the best part of his week. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what he was saying under his breath.

Finally, to complete the room, this incredible dining setting (that we have been paying off for nearly TWO YEARS) got delivered…it only took 6 burly blokes to get it in the door, in two parts, while I snapped photos and tried not to piss my pants with excitement.

And now, my dining room looks like this..


To say I’m happy, is actually the understatement of the century. I’m more excited than Augustus Gloop running amok in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and I’m more satisfied than Unappreciative Cat after smashing down a tray of Turducken.

Hot Husband has instructed me, UNDER NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, that there will be no further renovating for twelve months…

I dunno though. 

Don’t you reckon that carpeted lounge room has got some potential?


Big love,


2 thoughts on “The Victory Post.

  1. Pretty impressive. It took a week for a decorator to do our hall, stairs and landing. My father in law had done it for us the first time round while I was at work (about 10 years ago), and jt had more patches than a nicorette factory and precious ancient booger wipes from when the kids were younger. Your persistence, I’m guessing, balanced out your husband’s lack of vision (if you’re anything like stereotypical us). “The ends justify the means”, or so says my wife, and Josef Stalin.

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