And the shopping is done! (An Update post)

A couple of days ago, I had a good old fashioned rant about a disastrous online shopping experience, that saw me forced to tackle Christmas shopping in-store and in real time.

Oh, the horror!

As much as I was tempted to write a whole bunch of Christmas IOU slips, and stuff them into envelopes under the tree as I sulked in my Grinch suit, you’ll be pleased to know that I actually pulled some Christmas cheer out of my boots, sucked back some excess caffeine, and dragged Hot Husband into Kmart.

*insert raucous applause here*.

Thank you.

So, I’ve got to say, despite my tension headache starting before we’d even stepped in the door, and Hot Husband narrowly avoiding being taken out by an extremely focused, feisty little grandma and her walking frame, the trip was mostly a pain free experience.

The carols were blaring, the lights were full throttle, and the crowds were mild; only partially simmering with agitation, and the occasional shrieking child. 8 out of 10 for ambience, thanks Kmart.

Of course, the main thing we had intended to purchase was out of stock in both stores, so, sorry kids, no trampoline for you. Looks like Santa couldn’t quite squeeze it into the sleigh this year. 

Despite this brief disappointment, I did enjoy quite a big moment of triumph when I set my eyes upon that rose gold cutlery I’d been coveting. Plus a serving tray, and a couple of nice new water pitchers, that Hot Husband gave the tick of approval to by glancing in my direction, and declaring “nice jugs!”. *snicker, snicker, snicker*. 

He’s a funny one. Just ask him.

Anyway, it was a stellar moment. Finally!! Christmas table decor: sorted.

We left with a trolley load of stuff, most of it impulse-purchased, and didn’t even have a barney mid-shop, so all in all, I’m calling it a win. Festive consumerism is alive and well, and we’ve done our part.

Basically, from this point in, if it hasn’t been bought, it’s not getting bought. At some point before Christmas, I’m going to find some time to wrap this stuff, and without fail, I’ll discover I’ve forgotten something.

In which case, I’m totally defaulting back to IOU slips and the Grinch suit.

Big love,


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