Merry Christmas, from me, to you.

On Christmas Eve,
I’ve got to say,
I’m super pumped
For Christmas Day.

Tonight’s about cocoa,
And Clarke’s on TV
To share with us, Christmas
And his massive tree.

As we cuddle close,
To family, dear,
I must reflect,
Upon this year.

This one’s been hard,
Without a doubt,
And I’ll be quite glad
To see it out.

Two loved ones gone,
His Nan, my Pa,
We send them love,
Where e’er they are.

Since we aren’t the kind,
To sit and dwell,
We’re finding joy,
In the tales we tell.

A day with my kids,
Husband, family and friends
A day full of cheer
Is how this year will end

So I hope all you dear ones
From near, and from far
Have a fabulous Christmas
Wherever you are.

And though I don’t write cards,
(My thoughts could fill up a tome)
Please absorb my best wishes
From this small Christmas poem.

Soak up the memories,
The food, drinks and cheer
And raise up those glasses
To Christmas, this year.

Big love,


Thank you so much to all of our dear friends and family for all of your love and support this year. You’ve made the happy moments happier, and taken the sting out of the sad bits. We’ve been so lucky to have found ourselves in the company of such wonderful people, all year long.

May your Christmases be everything you hope for.

Sending bucketloads of Christmas love from me and mine, to you and yours.

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