My only resolution.


The end of the year is nigh, and already, the media has hit next-level volumes of New-Year-New-Me targeted advertising filth.
Come to our gym! Join our diet plan! Buy our products, interest free! Be the best you that you can be (with our instruction, and a monthly fee).

Well, as brightly lit and sparkly as all of those ads are, I’ve got to say: thanks, but no thanks. Or less politely, piss off, thanks.

First of all, I like me. The current me is great. I don’t have any burning desire to trade myself in on December 31st, to pick up a better version of myself on New Year’s Day. 

I’m happy, and healthy, and I’m having a good crack at living my best life, right this very moment. I’ve been this way all year, and the year before that, and the year before that too. And, although I’m no psychic, I’ve got a gut feeling that next year is going to be pretty similar too.

Don’t get me wrong, life isn’t without it’s challenges, and I’m by no means a poster girl for serenity and Zen, and all of that shit that I’m supposed to be striving for next year. I get cranky, and feisty, and I eat crappy food, and exercise sporadically, and I yell at my kids, and I swear at the cat, and I can tantrum like a Dance Mom if the mood strikes me.

But, I still like me.

I suspect that if I was to pay attention to all of that marketing hype around right now, I’d end up convinced that I’m actually in the midst of an obesity crisis, with terrible brows, excess body hair, dysfunctional relationships and a raft of other flaws that need prompt attention, starting on the first of January.

But, I don’t care if I’m flawed, or hairy, or chubby! I’ve got a whole bunch of features that make me a good human, and I’m pretty chuffed with that. And who declares what consitutes a flaw anyway? 

If you ask me, this whole New-Year-New-Me philosophy is a huge steaming pile of horse shit.

If New Year’s Resolutions are your thing, then go ahead and make those lists. I’m absolutely in favour of goal-setting if it works for you. I actually love lists! But keep it real! And for goodness sake, don’t carry around that complementary side-dish of shame that often accompanies the resolutions (you don’t even know it’s there until you find yourself struggling to meet the expectation you’ve placed on yourself, and then up it pops, as unwelcome as that five kilos you promised you’d lose in three months).

If you want to change something about yourself, do it for yourself, and yourself only. Don’t let any suave marketing campaign make you question yourself. 

You’re actually already ENOUGH, exactly as you are.

I know, it’s hard to believe right?

My resolution this year, is to kick resolutions to the kerb. There’s stuff I want to achieve in 2018, for sure, but I’m almost a hundred percent certain that I won’t find the solutions I’m looking for in a half-priced online subscription for laser hair removal or diet shakes.

I don’t need to be prompted by a list of things I’m supposed to hate about my life, in order to create a list of things I love about my life, over a 365 day period. 

Instead, I’m STARTING with the list of things I love about my life. What better building blocks could there possibly be for the foundations of personal growth, than happiness and contentment?

Instead of bringing myself down by focussing on the shit I haven’t done, I’m going to focus on the cool stuff that I HAVE done. And I’m going to high-five myself for it.

You guys, even if you’ve had the shittiest year ever, I bet there’s something cool you’ve done. Smiled at a baby and made it laugh? Cool. Helped out a mate in a tricky time? Cool. Cuddled your kid? Cool. 

Focus on that, because that’s the stuff that makes you awesome, and that’s before the New Year has even begun. 

Oh, and while you’re at it, turn off the telly, turn off the radio, and tell those marketing tools to go chew a big one.

2018 is already your best year yet. Now, go get it!!

Big love,


One thought on “My only resolution.

  1. I wish I had read this at a younger age. I have spent many New Years Eves promising shitty promises only to forget them in 72 hours or less. This post is amazing. Thankyou for writing it- this simply.
    Happy New Year.
    P.S. 2018 is the best already ❤


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