As the School Term Approaches…


The count down has begun here for the beginning of the new school year, and I’m finding myself feeling a bit sad about it.

Usually, I’m super-keen to get the kiddos back to school after the Summer break, because, quite frankly, the 6 weeks of bickering and fighting has usually eroded any semblance of sanity I ever had remaining by the time the term begins again.

But this year, I don’t want the holidays to end.

Maybe it’s because this will be the Boy Child’s last year in Primary School, or maybe it’s because we’ve just actually had a really lovely time together these holidays, or maybe it’s because my kids have finally begun to appreciate the art of a bloody good sleep-in, so lots of our days have been cruisy here.

I don’t know.

But for whatever reason, as the school assessment days start looming, and the school uniform and stationery sales begin, I’m finding myself wishing that we had a little bit more time.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m pretty useless in the whole “school-mum” arena.

I’m the mum who forgets pretty much every permission slip until two days after it’s due.

I’m the mum who kind-of-sort-of-completely-intentionally fails to book school interviews in the hope that the staff might not notice our names aren’t on the list and we won’t have to go (They always end up calling me, and we always end up going.)

I’m the mum who irons school clothes for approximately three days out of the first week of term before retiring the iron to the abyss of the laundry cupboard.

I’m the mum who forgets to pack swimming bags, and who forgets about dress up days until we are in the car on the way to school, and who only attends assembly when I know my kid is going to be up there on stage.

Don’t get me started on my abysmal fundraising involvement, and my incoherent rage about my kid’s insistence on adhering to the nude-food policy. I won’t lie. If you looked in my kitchen window last term, you would have seen me unwrapping muesli bars and cheese sticks, stuffing the wrappers in my bin, and dutifully utilising the 48 plastic food containers required to transport this nude-food to school.

When it comes to this kind of thing, I’m a dud, and I’m sorry to say Hot Husband isn’t much better.

Last year, he had to take the kids to their assessment interviews, as I had been working a night shift the night before. He promised me he would organise the interviews and pick up the booklists and some nice black school shoes, and I settled off to sleep, confident that when I woke, all would be under control.

Well, when push came to shove, old mate forgot the interview times, missing one completely, then forgot to drop off the booklists to the teachers, and came home with bright aqua runners for the Girl Child.

“Where are her school shoes??” I screeched, when presented with the shoebox.

“Oh, she didn’t want black ones. She liked these better” he shrugged, as my night-shift-addled brain struggled to comprehend what the Hell had just happened.

In his defence, however, he does love a school working bee, so I guess he gets more school-community points for his efforts there. Perhaps I ought to give him a bit of credit. He’s had more to do with the new school playground than I ever will.

Anyway, given our track record, you can understand why we kind of like school holidays, and dread the end of a good thing.

This week, I’ve been making an effort to try out a few recipes to pack in my kid’s lunchboxes this year, that don’t involve any fraudulent nudity. There’s a few allergies and food intolerances in our family that make snacks and lunchbox foods a bit tricky, and I’ve always struggled to find stuff that I could make myself that we could all eat. Usually I try baking and preparing stuff myself for about two weeks before I crack the sads that it’s being wasted, and I give up and default back to packaged crap.

But guys, this year, I think I’m onto something.

Searching through the internet coffers for good allergy-friendly snacks and treats, I’ve stumbled upon a golden ticket for future lunchbox success.

Two Words:

Wholefood Simply

If you’ve never heard of this website, or had a chance to try any of Bianca’s recipes, do yourself a favour, and check her out. Every single recipe I’ve seen so far has been suitable for all of us and our own little restrictions. Every single recipe I’ve attempted has taken less than 10 minutes to make. Every single recipe I’ve made has been made from basic pantry stuff, which meant I didn’t need to go out specifically in search of rare organic-vegan-high-vibration-homeopathic-kale-and-almond-grocery items, imported from Peru. They all stored beautifully in the fridge, and have been successfully taste-tested (read: demolished) by my fussy kids.

For me to persist with lunchbox “baking”, the stuff’s gotta be quick and easy, cheaper than pre-packaged, and the kids have got to eat it. And so far, the stuff I’ve been pumping out in my own little kitchen this week has been ticking all of those boxes.

Which makes me think, that if this kind of food is this easy to make, then this may just be the year where I might actually be able to follow through on this nude-food thing. You know, sending the Boy Child off to High School on a victorious note.

Don’t be getting your hopes up on the ironing or fundraising though. This school-mum is a lost cause.

Big Love,


*NOT a sponsored post. I just believe in sharing the love when I find a business or product that I love, and I’m telling you, I LOVE these recipes!!

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