A Day for the Lovers.


So, in case you hadn’t noticed by the abundance of red roses, chocolates and gushing love notes clogging up your Facebook feeds today, it’s VALENTINE’S DAY.

Flowers for everyone! Diamonds! Proposals! There’s probably babies being made all over the place today, and it’s all in honour of that freaky-looking little angel-cherub-baby that floats around the place like a very cute, yet slightly creepy stalker, shooting love arrows at people, willy-nilly.

As a midwife, I’m already feeling anxious about November.

As a person in a long-term relationship, I’m a bit like…..whatevs.

I’m a pretty big fan of love, and all that it entails (babies included). But I’m potentially the world’s biggest disappointment when it comes to days like Valentine’s Day.

Cupid would condemn me, I have no doubt.

I’m pretty sure when Hot Husband and I were teenagers, there might have been some roses exchanged, and I have a fleeting memory of buying him some kind of Looney Tunes Boxer Shorts that my dad didn’t approve of. I think he might have even given me a teddy one year, or maybe a stuffed gorilla? But apart from that, Valentine’s Day has never really been our thing.

Last year, I made a big effort and bought him a new hacky-sack to replace one of his that I lost when we were in year eleven and twelve. I gave one to each of the kids too, and wrote them each a little card, and set the table with candles, and it was all very sweet, and he WAS pretty chuffed about having his hacky-sack replaced after 16 odd years. I even posted it on Instagram, to achieve the maximum, filtered demonstration of how much I love them all. Like washing their jocks and keeping them all alive every day isn’t already pretty representative of that fact….

The pictures looked great. And the kids thought it was funny. So I guess that was a Valentine’s Day win, of sorts.

This year, we’ve gone next level, and actually forgot about the day completely until we were kissing each other goodbye before leaving the house. But, he didn’t stink out the ensuite this morning, and I left him some hot water after having my shower, so you know, in random acts of kindness, I think we are actually kicking big Valentine’s Day goals.

He did actually have a work lunch today and shared a lovely steak meal with a work colleague, so I guess he got some kind of date in there; it just wasn’t with me. And I’m pretty sure the toasted sangas I’m about to cook for dinner don’t quite classify into the romantic dinner category. But, as I tell the kids, the main ingredient of EVERY meal I cook, is love. (That’s why my food is so damn delicious.) The lucky buggers get the good stuff every day, INCLUDING love notes that I put into each of their lunch boxes each day.

Because there’s love here, every day, not just on February 14th.

It definitely wasn’t Valentine’s Day when Hot Husband held those big hands against my back as I worked through labour, and leaned his head against mine, whispering encouraging words. It’s usually not Valentine’s Day when he brings in the washing, and picks up groceries, and fills up my car with petrol because I hate doing it. It wasn’t Valentine’s Day for most of the time he supported me through a ridiculous amount of study. Just like it’s not always Valentine’s Day when I find new Gluten Free recipes to cook for him, or when I very occasionally run the mower over the lawns so he doesn’t have to, or when I snuggle up against his back every night, because he lets me be the big spoon.

Right at this moment, he and the Girl Child are snuggled up together watching insanely random videos on her iPad, while the Boy child chats to his friends upstairs, and I can’t help but feel a little bit affectionate towards this little mob of mine. Looks like I might just have copped an arrow in the neck when I wasn’t looking.

Thanks, Cupid.

Who knows? If Hot Husband plays his cards right, I might even let him hold my hand. You know, ’cause it’s Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers. I hope your day has been full of whatever it was you wanted from the ultimate day of love; whether that’s roses, chocolates, or having someone else cooking your two minute noodles while you watch YouTube.

Big Love,


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