9 Years Ago…


Nine years ago, as we sat watching the telly, Hot Husband looked across at my gigantic belly and asked me,

“So, do think this is the night you’ll have the baby?”

And, as I sat there, 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant, with not even a niggle (after months of relentless contractions, every single night), I was excited about the prospect of actually getting a decent night’s sleep for the first time in a long time.

“Nah, I don’t think it’s tonight. Can’t feel a thing. Not even a twinge!”

We watched “the Breakfast Club”, smashed down a bag of Doritos, and I hopped into bed, absolutely chuffed to be feeling so good.

Seven hours later, at 3:25am, I was rudely awoken by a ridiculously strong contraction, accompanied by the slightest urge to push.

Just over three hours later, at 6:30am, this beautiful baby girl was on my chest, looking at me like,

“Shit mate, what the Hell was that?”

The Girl Child had arrived; all 3.9 kilograms of her.

The days leading up to my children’s birthdays ALWAYS make me feel a bit reflective, and this year is no different.

This girl of mine, has grown ever so quickly from my black-haired-roly-poly baby, into this incredible person, who is taking on her world in leaps and bounds.

I don’t even have the words to articulate how proud of her I am, and how much I love her, for everything that she is, and everything that she will be.

Nine years ago, when she was still tucked safely inside my belly, I used to imagine who she might become; this yet-unfamiliar little daughter of mine.

And then she arrived, and I realised I had known her all along. And she was both everything, and nothing like I expected all at once.

In front of my eyes, she’s becoming who she was always meant to be, and she’s completely paving her own way there, step by stubborn step.

Tonight, I tucked her into bed, secretly hoping that she’ll wander downstairs in the middle of the night and hop into our bed for a cuddle. Because I know, that all too soon she won’t need those cuddles anymore.

And I suspect that when that day comes, I’ll miss it more than she does.

So as she lays snuggled in her bed, dreaming of birthday presents, I’m sitting with my memories and a big bag of Twisties, thinking it seems awfully fitting to dedicate this blog just to her, all her own, for her special day.


To my Darling Girl Child, on your 9th birthday.

If I could make one birthday wish for you, it’s this:

Just keep being you, no matter what.

You are one amazing human. Like, in the next level, rock-star, super-cool category of life.

Daddy and I can’t quite believe that we managed to create someone as incredible as you. But we’re watching you grow up, and it seems that somehow, despite all of our mistakes along the way, you’re turning out to be really ace.

How lucky are we??

Hey kiddo, also remember, that no matter how old you get, and no matter how much taller you are than me, these arms of mine are always, ALWAYS going to be big enough to wrap around you. Because no matter how old you get, and no matter how much taller you are than me, you’re always going to be my Girl Child. My favourite girl. My koala baby.

I love you so much.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Love, Mama.

2 thoughts on “9 Years Ago…

  1. Shit mate, what the hell was that!!.. Lol.. The quips in this post cracked me up so much.. I have just had a very stressful past 20 days and this post made me feel so happy.. Thanks for sharing and Please wish your little angel a very happy birthday from me..


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