On International Women’s Day…

On International Women’s Day, I’m genuinely thankful for so many opportunities that have been afforded to me by the women who came before me.

I can vote.

I can work.

I have control over my reproductive choices.

I have access to my own money.

I can make my own choices.

My destiny in life is not simply to bear children and keep them all alive, however if I wanted to, I could make that choice.

Today’s conditions are markedly better for women than they were in the past, and it is my hope that as my children grow, they will become people who respect and value those around them based on who that person is, not the gender, race, religion or sexual preference.

This is the environment that Hot Husband and I raise them in, and I’m so thankful that he models so clearly to our kids how to be a loving and supportive partner.

I hope that my daughter can enter a workforce where she is given the same opportunities as her male counterparts, and I hope both of my children will stand up loud and proud to squash old school perceptions of gender roles, and to stamp out bigotry and prejudice.

Although society has come a long way, we aren’t there yet, and there are so many women who don’t experience the freedoms I do. I’m not naive enough to think that because gendered discrimination and blatant sexism has never happened to me, then it doesn’t happen. It does, and International Women’s Day presents a platform to keep these discussions open, as they should be.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Big love,


*image from Fairfax media.

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