Odd socks.

This past week or so, I’ve been noticing a distinct increase in the amount of odd socks in the wash.

I’ve been searching behind the washing machine, in the tumble dryer, and behind all the washing baskets, to no avail.

I’ve rummaged through our sock drawers, and our undie drawers, and I even started blaming Unappreciative Cat for stealing them off the clothes airer and hiding them.

And then, this morning, I discover that the Girl Child has quite the obsession with creating creepy little E.T. dolls out of her toys, and that she – not the cat – is the sock thief.

Mystery solved.

Sorry, cat.

If you find you’re missing socks at your place, take my advice and check your kid’s rooms. I can only hope the results are as entertaining and random as mine were.

Big love,


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