A Throwback Post.

Throwback post to two years ago when the Girl Child drew me a picture of her birth scene. I’m saying “is it supposed to hurt?”, Daddy is beaming, the Boy Child is screaming “where is she?” while the midwife calmly says “don’t worry, here she is!”.

And out comes the Girl Child, smiling like a Japanese anime.

Yep, pretty much how I remember it all going down. 😂😂

I especially love how she depicted the Midwife as the voice of reason (she absolutely was).

This was around the same age that she started making her Barbie dolls have homebirths, and waterbirths, and roadside births in the Barbie camper, with the very occasional Caesarean that the (female) doctor had to get called away from playing golf to get to. 😂

What we normalise is what they learn.

This kid knows birth.

#getamidwife #primarymidwiferyforthewin #ourkidsareourfuture

Thanks for the memory, Facebook.

Big love,


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