The Epitome of happy.

Did you know that today, March 20th, is World Happiness Day?

You know, I’ve got to say, I’m pretty bloody happy with my lot in life. So, most of the time you see me, I’m usually looking pretty cheerful.

I’m a huge believer in looking for silver linings, and making the best of things, and most of the time, I really believe there’s SOMETHING to be happy about, or thankful for.

As the song goes “you’re never fully dressed, without a smiiiiiile!”

So, I try to bring mine with me wherever I go.

However, when it comes to looking really, truly, ridiculously happy, I think you’d have to agree, this animal has got it in the bag. Appreciative, he is not. But happy? You betcha!

It’s a good life, ‘eh Timtom?

I hope World Happiness Day finds you all looking as satisfied and smug as this old mate.

Big love,


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