A Moment of Peace

Both of my kiddos are home sick from school today, and unsurprisingly, there’s been some bickering taking place.

As much as the two of them secretly love each other, they’ve got a limited capacity to be in each other’s space before the drama starts. Usually it requires me to intervene, before the fists start flying and the tears start flowing.

Today, as it started brewing, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Girl Child actually disengage herself from a budding situation, by throwing out a final torrent of abuse to her brother (“get out of my FACE!!!”), then laying out a yoga mat, and setting herself up with a guided meditation from Smiling Mind. With the diffuser pumping out some balancing essential oils next to her, she’s the picture of full Zen.

To the Boy Child’s credit, he did step away from her, and stopped harassing her, slinking off upstairs to his Playstation, so that she was able to settle into this cruisy little state.

I love that in this instance, she was able to recognise that she was overwhelmed, and that she was able to seek out something that would help her.

I love that he was respectful enough to recognise that she had really had enough of his crap.

And I especially love that I didn’t need to get involved to break it up.

Right now, in this house, there is peace (short lived though it may be).

And right now, in this house, there is a mama feeling as though, for once, just maybe, she’s on the right track with providing these kids with the skills they need to know, in order to live happy lives.

Some days it’s extra cuddles and reading time. Some days it’s solid re-enforcement of boundaries. Some days it’s cooking together, or writing stories, or watching YouTube clips of cats. Today, it’s meditations and essential oils, and a gentle day at home.

Most days, it’s a combination of all of the above, and then some.

Whatever the strategy, whatever the tool, it is awfully lovely to see that something is working for your child, in one way or another.

I’d love to hear what works for your families out there in Facebook land, if you’d care to share?

With Zen wishes to you all,

Big love,


*not a sponsored post, just sharing something that works for us, and that is accessible to most xo

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