When the Week just Sucks.

Some weeks, you’re the hamster. Some weeks you’re the wheel. And then there are weeks like this week, where you’re the bit of gum that got run over by the hamster wheel, then rolled through a muddy puddle and a giant cow shit, only to be left on the roadside, stinky, cold and wondering what the hell happened.

Parenting goals for the week:
1. keep everyone alive.
2. stay sane.

Although goal 2 is looking pretty sketchy, past experience tells me that even the worst weeks, just like the good ones, will pass.

So, if you’re copping an over all hiding from the Universe this week, please know, you aren’t alone. I’m in the trenches with you, and I know, it’s BALLS.

Today, I’m sucking back a big breath, gritting these teeth to the point I can hear my jaw creaking, and by Hell, I’m making this week better, bit by shambolic bit, if it’s the last thing I do.

Because sometimes, the only way is up.

If staying upright and breathing is the best you can do this week, then hey, that’s a bloody top effort. Go, you! And if you manage more than that, then in my eyes right now, you’re a legitimate superstar.

Here’s to better days.

Big love,


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