65 Years: A Love Story.

65 years ago, on April the 9th, in 1953, these two love birds tied the knot, and embarked upon their life together, going on to create a beautiful family and a life full of memories.

Although one half of our perfect pair is no longer with us, it seems that death is merely a slight interruption in this grand love story. 65 years on, and the love prevails, above all else.

I sat with Nan yesterday, talking about her wedding day, which took place after she and Pa had finished their shift for the day in the hospital kitchen (where they worked together). They’d had to work hard to convince their boss to allow them both to take the evening off, but apparently he softened up when he realised it was so that they could marry. In fact, he even gave them the following day off, as a wedding gift to them.

They got home from work in the afternoon, and Nan changed into a wedding gown and veil that she borrowed from a friend, while Pa suited up in a classic tux, on loan from a mate.

They celebrated their wedding in the home of their friends, completely surrounded by love. As migrants in a new land, they’d built a community of friends who showered them with love and joy as they began their lives together.

Although their own families were thousands of miles away across the oceans, Nan and Pa had found their new home, together.

From that day on, home was simply wherever the other one was; the location was completely irrelevant.

And as they raised their own kids, and adopted a multitude of unnofficial extras, due to their incredible no-questions-asked-open-door policy, their family grew and thrived, under their loving guidance, inspired by their tremendous passion for life.

As Nan told me yesterday, the thought of an actual wedding day was never too high on her priority list. But she knew, without a doubt, that she had found the man she would stand beside, for the rest of their lives.

She was so right.

When reflecting upon the details of their wedding day, Nan said to me, “you know, I don’t remember too much about the suit that your Pa was wearing, to be honest. I just knew that it was my Siddie underneath the fancy clothes, and that’s all I ever cared about”.

I sat next to her, and tried not to dissolve into a puddle of tears, as I watched her memories play across her face; her eyes bright with tears, and a sad smile on her face.

I know that for her, without him, nothing feels like home.

But I also know that she’s thankful for every single second she shared with him in the 64 years they had together.

Where the mortal body fails, love carries on.

Where words can no longer be spoken, dreams and memories carry us forward.

And for two souls as connected as these, I can’t help but feel there is more to come.

May we all be blessed enough to experience love as strong as this.

Big love,


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