True Love

Every now and then, a Facebook memory pops up that’s actually worth a re-share.

I thought this one was a goodie, because it reminded me that even after all of these years together, Hot Husband loves me enough to try to keep me alive…

April 18, 2017.
Last night, I was feeling really cold, so I climbed into bed with a beanie on, and I said to Hot Husband that he should take the beanie off me if I fell asleep so that I didn’t dehydrate and cook myself.

Fast forward to 1.30am: I awake to his hand grabbing at my face in the dark, with him frantically saying “where’s the beanie? Where’s the beanie?”

Poor bastard fell asleep when I did, and woke himself up in a panic thinking I would have turned into a dried out mummy from the crypt.

Meanwhile, it appears I had indeed gotten too warm and taken the beanie off myself before being awoken in such a state. Good times.


Thanks for looking after me, Hot Husband. You’re a good egg.

Big love,


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