Hospital Birth Talk.

So, with all of the incredible Midwifery activity happening over the weekend, I’ve found my little Midwifery heart aflame, and my brain full of thoughts, ideas, and imaginings.

You see, the hospital where I work has recently been promised some funding to contribute to maternity services, and while I don’t know the figures, or the plans, I’ll admit, I’m daydreaming away about all of the things we could change for the better.

It’s a bit like imagining how winning the Lottery would change your life, except I’m imagining something more like a bottomless cash pool to improve the birthing environments and conditions for every mum we meet.

The way I see it, change is in the air. So, why not seize the opportunity to ask for what we want?

For me, if money wasn’t a barrier, we’d have a midwifery-led birthing centre. We’d have birth rooms equipped with baths (and a functional policy for water birth), and active birthing equipment. Beds would be shoved to the side of the room, where they belong. There’d be no shared ensuites or toilets. There’d be bigger postnatal rooms, and more privacy. And NO 4 BED BAYS. Oh I could go on and on.

Today, I’m doing a call out to you guys.

What would your perfect maternity ward look like, if you needed to birth in hospital? If you’ve birthed in a hospital before, what did you like? And what did you dislike? If you haven’t yet birthed, what do you think would be important to you?

We know that the best changes are made using feedback from women and families, so today, I’d love to know your thoughts. The more information we can gather, the harder we can go into bat for you.

A colleague and I would love to be able to bring this information back to the decision makers where we work, in the hope that future developments to our workplace can be truly representative of what pregnant women want.

So, tell us! What do you want from your hospital maternity wards?

I can’t wait to hear from you,

Big love,


Ps. Don’t forget, as a follow on from yesterday, you can still show your support for privately practicing midwives and their quest for better regulations and indemnity insurance, by signing
this petition:

*image from Pinterest.

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