International Nurses’ Day

Happy International Nurses’ Day.

Nursing is -always has been, and always will be- more than just a job to me.

It’s a calling.

A passion.

A genuine desire to provide comfort, safety and support to those in their time of need.

I’ll never regret making the choice to enter this profession, ever.

Thank you to my colleagues, for being the amazing people that you are.

Thank you to my educators and preceptors for supporting me to be the best I can be.

Thank you to the students, for bringing your passion and spark to this incredible career.

And thank you to the patients and their families, for trusting and allowing us to provide the care you need.

This work is straight from the soul, direct from the heart, and completely full of absolutely everything that we could possibly have to give.

Big love,


4 thoughts on “International Nurses’ Day

    1. Thank you! There is such honour in bearing witness to the complexity and brevity of the lived experience. I continue to learn so much every day from the people I care for, and I’ll never forget the lessons imparted to me by those I’ve cared for before. Birth, illness, wellness, death. What a blessing to stand in the presence in this whole gamut of human life.

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