Saturday Musings

Hot Husband and I were just sitting in front of the fire, with Unappreciative Cat on my knee, and the Hounds at our feet, and our conversation took a turn, into territory that, surprisingly, we’d never covered before.

I know, it’s hard to believe, but after 19 years together, and many years of combined pet ownership, we’d never stopped to consider WHAT ACCENTS OUR PETS WOULD HAVE.

You know, if they were to open their mouths and start talking to us, in English.

After careful consideration, we determined that the Boy Hound would most likely have a very “proper” British accent, the Girl Hound would have more of a cockney vibe going down, and Unappreciative Cat would be occasionally Belgian, and occasionally Mexican.

I want you to go and look at your pet RIGHT NOW and imagine them SPEAKING to you in words.

Then come back, post a picture of your animal, and tell me about it. There is some seriously entertaining material right here.

Big love,


Edited to add: Hot Husband legitimately just suggested that Unappreciative Cat might actually be very appreciative, if only we understood his accent. As if his biting is “thanks”, lost in translation.

Edited to add: it’s official – we’ve lost the plot.

#saturdaymusings #notdrunk #thisiswhatwetalkaboutnow #youknowyouwanttodoit

3 thoughts on “Saturday Musings

  1. My fat farting Beagle, Milo is definitely German.
    Daisy the dachshund mix chupacapra hell beast is probably Mexican or Italian… something excitable and dramatic!
    Chunks and Hellboy the feline poop factories are definitely Japanese. They’re like two sumo production lines for cat-pats!!

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