Rysie’s Small Business Shout Out

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am a midwife. You all know that I’m super passionate about supporting women and their families into parenthood, and backing them as they find their feet in their new roles.

But, I think there’s more to be done here.

On a personal note, I’m pretty passionate about supporting parents to be able to stay home with their babies (if this is what they wish to do), however I know that there are many families who simply don’t have that option due to their financial situation.

Although I’m a mum who works out of the home, I know a whole bunch of beautiful people who choose to operate their businesses from home, so that they can remain home with their babies for longer. Some of these parents have modified their existing careers, or set up similar home businesses to do this, and some have joined direct-selling companies, which have offered them more flexibility than they’ve previously experienced. Others have created new businesses all together, going all-in in the hope of a better work-life balance than what they see offered to them.

The reasons people have for doing this are broad and varied, and completely valid. Which is why, when I see a friend advertise their new business venture on social media, or via a group text, I take the time to read their pitch.

Maybe it’s not a product I can use. And I can almost guarantee I’m not going to be signing up for anything. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share their information and hook them up with people who can. And I can certainly thank them for the time they’ve taken to get in touch.

I respect the hell out of people who are gutsy enough to put themselves out there, amidst the eye rollers and angsty sighs, and to share whatever it is that they’ve been working on.

Wandering into Priceline and picking up a concealer isn’t going to mean much to anyone, really. But buying that concealer from someone who is pouring her heart and soul into her own little business, can make all the difference to her, not just financially, but also by demonstrating that in this busy world, there is still a sense of community to be found by connecting with real people, and not just faceless corporations.

As I said earlier, I think supporting families to thrive, extends well past the immediate postnatal period, where everybody brings casseroles and presents for the baby. We can do more to continue that support process, as those babies grow, and those families change.

So, if you’re reading this post, and you work for yourself, or someone you love is doing so, please go ahead and share the info in the comments.

I want to hear what it is you do!

Big love,


PS Please promise me that you won’t go all stalky on each other, ‘kay? 😛

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