Life Blood.

Yesterday, I donated plasma for the first time.

I had attempted to donate whole blood in the past – knowing that my blood type was pretty rare, and often needed – but each time I did it, I found myself feeling pretty run down and crook, with shitty iron levels.

At that time, my body was making it clear that I actually needed the blood myself, so I stopped donating.

Working in the environment that I work in, I’m super aware of how precious and life saving blood donations can be. So I decided to go back and see whether donating plasma might be an option for me (which meant I could keep my own red blood cells and haemoglobin).

As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

I spent my morning drinking more fluids than I’ve drunk in years, and subsequently pissing like a race horse. Super hydrated and optimistic, I showed up to the blood donation centre, figuring I’d give it a good shot, and if I passed out or couldn’t cope with the donation, then at least I’d given it my best.

I’m pleased to report that I didn’t faint, and it was all done and dusted within 90 minutes.

Today, I’m feeling great!

Someone out there who needs it is going to be getting my plasma in some way, shape or form, and I got a free sausage roll and some bikkies.

I’m going back in two weeks to do it all again (the sausage roll was really good!!).

So, here’s my Public Service Announcement:

If you CAN donate blood products, in any form, PLEASE consider it. I’ve seen first hand just how vital donations are in literally saving lives, and now that I’ve figured out a way that works for me, I’m going to be doing this regularly, and consistently.

You can find out if you’re eligible to donate, and get yourself booked in online at or by calling
13 14 95.

Although we all hope to never be in a position where we or our loved ones need to be the recipients of emergency blood products, I can guarantee you, when it happens, you’re bloody thankful for the donations that are available.

Big love,


One thought on “Life Blood.

  1. This is me too. It literally takes me 3-4 months to get over donating blood. I have considered plasma donations too but the look of it makes me queezy.. That said though, I had talked to my girls about going in the holidays so I will give it a crack.

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