The Importance of Time.

Right now, I’m only 4 shifts away from a big chunk of annual leave.

I’ve written multiple times about how much I love my job. I’ve also written multiple times about the importance of good self care.

Taking time away – even from a job that you love more than anything – is absolutely critical to being able to bring the best of yourself to that job.

As nurses and midwives, our work is emotionally charged, all the time. Supporting people through huge life transitions isn’t minor stuff. We give so much of ourselves to those that we care for, and we are there for the very best and the absolute worst of people’s lives.

That can’t be downplayed.

And it’s true what they say – you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Taking the time to step away on a semi-regular basis means we can recharge, reset, and return to doing what we love, without the emotional baggage that can begin to get really heavy if it’s not regularly unpacked.

Spending time doing the OTHER things you love, without having half a brain still at work is crazily important.

So, when my next 4 shifts are done, that’s what I’ll be doing. Hanging out with my family. Playing with the kids. Visiting friends. Admiring the countryside. Drinking coffee.

And refilling that cup right back to overflowing, as it should be.

Look after yourselves, folks.

Emotional work is, well, emotional. And YOU matter too.

Take the time you need.

Big love,


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