One of the absolute highlights of being a Mama for me has always been early morning snuggles with my babies.

As little babies, they slept by my side all night long, feeding through the night, and at times, I wondered if they’d ever sleep without me.

As toddlers, they’d wake calling for me in the dark, and I’d trundle into their room, soothing them with my words as we lay back down together, comforted and peaceful, to soften back into sleep.

As they’ve gotten older, they’ve needed me less in this regard, and to be honest, it’s an unsettling realisation!

Rarely am I woken to ease the distress of a nightmare, or to rub their backs because they awoke too hot, too cold, too lonely, or just missing me too much.

They sleep alone, in beds all of their own, and it’s been a couple of years since the Boy Child has hopped into bed with us, seeking us out for comfort . It saddens me to think that the last time he did so, I didn’t even realise that it was the last time. Thus, a chapter of his childhood ended, essentially without recognition. 💔

While he sleeps soundly all night (and in fact, now needs to be woken up each day – much to his disdain!), somewhere between 5:30am and 6:30am, almost every morning, my Girl Child will still wander downstairs, where she waits, bleary-eyed, for me to pull back the blankets and invite her into our bed, where she curls up next to me, wishes me a good morning, and promptly drifts back off to sleep.

Warm and safe, where she needs to be.

These are the moments that fill my heart with an overflowing amount of gratitude, and my eyes with happy tears.

These are the moments that seemed so distant when I was awake all night with unsettled babies, and teething toddlers, wondering if I’d ever sleep again.

These are the moments I’ll cherish until I die.

Because one day, she too will stop waiting for me to pull the blankets back, and I will realise that yet another chapter has ended.

And you know what? I’m just not ready for that yet.

Cuddle your little ones, Mamas.

These are your moments.

Big love,


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