A Note for Birth Workers

This quote is exactly why I became a midwife.

My own midwife made me feel like an absolute rockstar during the births of my children, simply because she worked according to this kind of philosophy.

She taught me that women should be the absolute centre of the birthing experience. She taught me that by holding the space strongly, a woman could step into her own power, no matter what kind of birth she had chosen. She taught me that there is so much more to birth than the physical outcome.

I’ll never forget these lessons.

If you look past the machines, beyond the paperwork, around the sterile equipment, and over the policy documents, you’ll see a real, live person, right in the thick of a completely life-changing experience.

She’ll never forget what happens in this moment.

Treat her right – THAT is the priority, above everything else.

We have the privilege and responsibility to stand in that space and keep her safe – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

She MATTERS, and what we do, say, and project in that room can change everything, for better or worse.

Choose your words carefully. Check your body language. And most of all, BELIEVE IN HER. Because she knows if you don’t. And if YOU don’t believe in her, how can she believe in herself when things get hard?

No matter what is going on, she needs to know that you’ve got her back.

We can never, ever, EVER forget how important that is.

Big love,


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