Stormy Weather.

This afternoon, where I live, there was a pretty decent thunder storm.

I sat out under our verandah, in my post-nightshift muddled state, with a cold beer in my hand, chatting with my family, and listening to the sound of the rainfall on the roof, amidst the intermittent thumps and booms of thunder, and I felt more rejuvenated and alive than I have in a long time.

What is it about a Summer thunderstorm that makes everything feel so fresh?

I think, for me, it’s all about perspective.

It’s that reminder that we really are at the mercy of the elements, despite our incessant need as humans to control our environment and everything within it. Somehow, through the distant rumbles of thunder, all of the fiddly little worries and day to day gripes fall back into place where they belong. Nature doesn’t have time to worry about fuel prices or groceries. Nature is too busy being awesome.

It’s the understanding that our natural world is infinitely bigger and more powerful than we will ever be, and that sometimes, to really thrive, we have to simply let go, and trust that life will be as it is meant to be, just as each tree continues to grow, without demanding reassurance that the rain will come. It either will, or it won’t, but that’s for nature to decide. So, the tree just keeps growing anyway, setting down its roots, and trying its best.

It’s the humbling recognition that we are really pretty insignificant – because no matter what, once we are gone, the storms will continue to come, and the rain will continue to fall, and life will go on, just as it has for millions of years before we ever created our footprint here. And that it’s perfectly okay for that to be the case. Really, it’s as it should be.

Oh yes, I do love a thunder storm.

Now that the rain has passed and the sun is re-emerging, the plants are glistening with fresh raindrops, and when I breathe it all in, I can smell that beautiful combination of damp earth, life, and hope.




There really is nothing quite like it, ‘eh?

Big love,


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