Planning a fake pregnancy announcement for April Fool’s Day?

How about this for an idea.


1 in 8 women are struggling to conceive right at this very moment (and you probably don’t even know).

At LEAST 1 in 4 women have suffered a pregnancy loss, and there are women out there who may never be successful in carrying a pregnancy to term (and you probably don’t know about that either).

For families going through these experiences, it’s difficult enough for them to plaster smiles on their faces and congratulate their friends and family members on their REAL pregnancy announcements.

The amount of energy and strength it takes, to summon up joy for someone else who has achieved the very thing your heart desires most, while you’re still trying, is unbelievable.

And for those who have been on the infertility or pregnancy loss journey for more than a few months, well, they have to do it ALL THE TIME.

Pregnancy announcements, baby showers, and birth announcements are HARD!

Every couple I have ever met struggling with infertility or loss, will gladly put on their biggest smiles for the expectant ones they love; showing up with gifts and all their love to celebrate the arrivals of these precious new little babies in their world. They’re happy for you, because they love you so much, and they love your baby.

But when they get home and away from prying eyes, they let the heartache loose, allowing themselves to feel the disappointment of the fact that once again, it’s just not their turn. They live with the fear EVERY DAY that it may NEVER be their turn.

Ponder that, just for a second before you click on “post”.

Don’t make them muster up the courage and strength it takes to genuinely congratulate you, and put them through this kind of turmoil, by posting a fake pregnancy announcement.

It’s just a shit thing to do.

So, just don’t.


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