I’ve just woken up after night shift number three, and I’m laying in bed with this dude keeping my legs warm, feeling pretty thankful for my lot in life.

Midwifery nights are rarely quiet shifts, and the past three have been no exception, but when the work is done, I get to come home to kiddos who run to greet me at the door and kiss me “goodnight” before they go to school, a husband who brings me a coffee when I wake up, and this delightfully unappreciative animal who simply can’t wait for me to get into bed, so he can claim his spot on my legs.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

The little things are big things, and as I sit here with my coffee and my cat, I am so grateful for all of it.

What’s on your list of little things today?

Big love,

#midwifelife #unappreciativecat


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