So, I heard you made fun of my Mama?

Did you know that in the day before Meghan Markle gave birth to her son, she was the source of much hilarity at a Global Obstetrics Summit?

According to multiple media reports, discussion around her upcoming birth included this pearler of a quote:

“Meghan Markle has decided she’s going to have a doula and a willow tree… let’s see how that goes,” Dr. Timothy Draycott, envoy of the Royal College of Gynecology and a professor at the University of Bristol, reportedly said to “raucous laughter” from the audience of doctors in attendance. “She’s 37, first birth … I don’t know,” he went on.

I sincerely hope that the first photo that the happy new parents release to Instagram looks something like this GIF.

The culture of birthing is so heavily swayed and influenced by those who “control” it. And in my opinion, if the people (such as the charming speaker from the ACOG conference) who DO control it have ZERO faith or belief in women AND WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF, and actively seek to undermine and belittle the exact population that they are supposed to be providing THE BEST CARE for, then maybe we’ve got the wrong people running the show.

Just sayin’.



One thought on “So, I heard you made fun of my Mama?

  1. You are so very right. We need to allow women the voice to make educated decisions about their labour and birth. That is the job of those involved…. Not to medicalize the process.
    I have been waiting for all the ‘I told you so’ after she birthed in hospital but haven’t seen much (yet). My opinion on that is she still laboured freely at home, with those around her she chose. She has created a strong and supportive village to allow a calm and beautiful (educated) birth.


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